Coffee pouches by Vimgo


Coffee and its effects on health have been and continue to be researched for both positive and negative reactions in the body. It seems that no absolute conclusion that coffee will not shorten life nor is there enough evidence in to show that it will lengthen life either. In the end, coffee drinkers should practice moderation and follow their doctor’s advice.


Coffee pouches and its effects on health is not something many people think about until their doctor tells them they need to cut back on caffeine or top drinking it totally. There are many hundreds of reports on the effects of coffee on health and they don’t all agree. It seems that coffee can be both good and bad for the body depending on how much is consumed at one day. Coffee drinkers would obviously like to know that coffee can be good for health so they don’t have to stop drinking their morning java. Many recent studies are showing that coffee can be good for warding off some diseases and illnesses. It is filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals and the damage they can do to the body. Antioxidants are important in helping the body to repair damaged cells and prevent a range of diseases. One of the most recent discoveries and perhaps one of the most exciting is that coffee has been shown to fight Parkinson’s disease. Studies show that it reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease by up to 80%. Other illnesses and disease that have shown to benefit from coffee include diabetes, dementia, colon cancer, gallstones and headache relief. Headache relief from caffeine is not a new discovery. Many over the counter headache remedies are made largely of caffeine in combination with acetaminophen. Asthma sufferers may benefit from coffee due to the caffeine content