Review of Percentage Hold’em

This book holds a nostalgic place in my heart as one of the first really solid products to come out of discussions held on the newsgroup {\tt}, although at that time it was just {\tt rec.gambling}. Percentage Hold’em, subtitled “The Book of Numbers”, is a set of explanations around an enormous number of simulations of how various Hold’em two card starting hands play against other starting hands, in situations ranging from heads-up play to eleven player tables.

The computing power available to the author at the time the book was written was a tiny fraction (probably less than 1/100) of what’s available on the desktop of the average reader of this review. Nonetheless, Case (a pseudonym, although the name the author reveals in the book, Will Hyde, seems almost equally improbable to me) performs enough calculations so that the results are trustworthy. The methodologies are clearly explained so that all but the most math-phobic reader can easily understand how the author arrives at his results.

The bulk of the book is made up of tables. These tables take a given two card starting hand in Texas Hold’em, for example, QJ suited, and ran it against from 1 to 10 random other starting hands 500,000 times each and determined what percentage of the time the given hand won. Of course, a hand that wins 37% of the time against 3 other opponents is probably worth playing. Therefore, Case also adjusts each hand based on the number of opponents playing, with any hand recording a positive number being a positive expectation play. There are additional tables detailing in each of these situations what the distribution of the values of the winning hands are (e.g., two pair, straight) among other information.

Case even goes so far as to advocate this Slot Gacor


Which Hand is better?

Which Hand is better?The best all-around hand in Omaha high-low is A-2-A-3 double-suited. The best hands in Omaha high are A-K-A-K double-suited or A-J-A-10 double-suited (which one is best depends on the specific game). Note that neither of those two great high hands are great in Omaha high-low.

In most Omaha high-low games, a very good low hand is better than a very good high hand. In loose Omaha high-low games (my definition of loose Omaha high-low is a table at which there is an average of five or more players seeing the flop — “Cappelletti’s Rule”), good low hands get playable flops much more frequently than good high hands. In loose Omaha high-low games, unique casino
most of the money you win with good high hands comes from the pots in which there is no low. That is, when the high hand scoops the whole pot.

Tight-aggressive Omaha high-low, usually played at higher limits (roughly $20-$40 and higher, although there are some very loose $20-$40 games), is a totally different game from loose Omaha high-low. In tight-aggressive Omaha high-low, there is usually a raise or two before the flop and seldom more than three-way action. In tight-aggressive Omaha high-low, pocket aces are a very good holding if you can raise from an early position to narrow the action. Heads up (for example, if only the big blind calls), aces will often win high and sometimes the whole pot.

In tight-aggressive Omaha high-low, a great low hand, such as A-2-3-5, should attempt to draw in as many players as possible. Therefore, a great low hand should not raise before the flop from an early position, since raising tends to narrow the action. If someone else raises and you find yourself in only two- or three-way action, you should not reraise, …


Ulasan Aces High Online Togel Singapore Casino

Pernahkah Anda menelusuri jalan raya dan jalan-jalan kecil di World Wide Web mencari hal yang sulit dipahami yang disebut “Gaming in Style?” Yah tidak mencari lagi. Anda tidak dapat melakukan yang lebih baik daripada Aces High Online Casino untuk permainan game mutakhir dan realistis dalam kenyamanan rumah Anda sendiri.

Didirikan pada tahun 2001, Aces High telah menawarkan 55 game interaktif, termasuk 6 jackpot progresif seperti Treasure Nile, slot progresif pembayaran 9 baris pertama di web yang telah menghasilkan pembayaran tunggal STAGGERING sebesar $389.843 hingga saat ini!

Yang terbaik dari semuanya, unduh perangkat lunak 32-bit Aces High Online Casino GRATIS sekarang dan Anda akan mendapatkan $15 SEPENUHNYA GRATIS (tidak perlu pembelian) saat Anda membuka Akun Riil (bermain dengan akun uang sungguhan.) Kemudian beli chip kasino senilai $50 dan Anda akan mendapatkan $35 GRATIS… itu GRATIS $50 bahkan sebelum Anda mulai menang!

Semua transaksi komersial di Aces High Online Casino difasilitasi oleh Proc-Cyber ​​Services, merchant e-cash yang terkenal dan mapan. Yang berarti Anda dapat yakin bahwa semua transaksi kartu kredit Anda 100% dijamin dengan Pengeluaran SGP enkripsi digital serta kata sandi dan nomor rekening yang unik. Selain itu, perbankan online dapat dilakukan melalui berbagai metode yang aman dan mudah digunakan seperti Firepay, Paypal, ACH, transfer kawat atau kartu kredit.

Aces High Online Casino menawarkan peluang yang sebaik, atau lebih baik dari, Vegas dan persentase pembayaran yang ditinjau setiap bulan oleh PriceWaterhouseCoopers, salah satu firma audit terbesar di dunia.

Dan kapan pun Anda membutuhkan bantuan, Aces High menyediakan Meja Dukungan yang ramah dan efisien melalui email dan saluran bebas pulsa. Semua anggota bebas untuk menghubungi mereka 24 jam sehari, 7 hari seminggu!

Saat ini kami yakin Anda telah menyadari bahwa, di Aces High Online Casino, ACES SELALU NAIK. Jadi mulailah menang SEKARANG! Kunjungi Aces High hari ini dan Anda mungkin akan segera menjalani …


Drinking and Link Alternatif Sbobet gambling don’t mix, but, since you asked…

What is the best game to play when your main goal is to get free drinks from the casino over an extended period? Is the location of where you play relative to the number of drinks you can get? Alex W.
I want to preface my response by first making this extremely important point. Free drinks (chip remover), which have always been part of the casino ambience, speeds up the process of losing. All bets are off on the quality of your play when influenced by a sundry of alcoholic beverages.

Now to your libation question. Getting a free drink in any casino is simple. As long as you’re gambling, drinks are complimentary. But, setting up camp in the keno lounge yelling COCKTAILS and stiffing the cocktail waitress won’t work. To insure prompt, continuous service, tipping the waitress will go a long, long way.

So, why is tipping and drink delivery related? In order to be compliant with IRS tax regulations, cocktail waitresses have to pay taxes on every drink they serve, whether you decide to be generous or not. This tax can be as high as 30% on the retail cost of your beverage. If you order a strawberry margarita costing $2.50 retail, she might have to pay as much as 75˘ in taxes on your free drink. As the saying goes, “The drinks are free but the service isn’t” is appropriate as you’re costing her both time and money.

Continually stiff her, Alex, and she’ll be listed as MIA. You’ll have to wait for the next cocktail waitress to come on shift.

As for location, every cocktail waitress loves to work the table games versus slots, especially Nickel Hell, since the pit area warrants higher play and sizably more in player gratuities. It is here where the delivery …


Brazil 2:2 Japan Bitcoin Dice

Japan were knocked out of the Confederations Cup on goal difference tonight after a 2:2 draw with Brazil sent the world champions through to face Germany in Saturday’s semi-final.

The heroic last stand of the Japanese will go down as one of their finer performances of recent years however and but for a controversial offside call in the first half they might yet still be in the competition.

Going in to this game Zico’s men could have adapted the title of a James Bond film as their motto: ” A Draw is Not Enough”, knowing Brazil’s superior goal difference would take them through in the event of a tie. Thankfully for the 44,922 on hand in the Rhein-Energie Stadion, both sides gave good value for money with skilful play and top-notch goals in a game difficult to take one’s eyes off.

The opening exchanges saw Kaka, Ronaldinho and Adriano rev their turbo-charged engines with hints of things to come but Japan shocked probably even themselves by netting in the fourth minute. Mitsuo Ogasawara released Akira Kaji on the right and the flying wing-back hit the ball firmly into the corner for what looked a valid goal only for the referee’s assistant to hoist a late flag. TV replays would later show this was a far from conclusive call.

A minute later Adriano fired off his first salvo of the evening, hitting the side-netting from a Leo assist and soon the game assumed a frenetic end-to-end character. Any side that allows Kaka and Ronaldinho the space and time Japan did in the first half invites trouble and the inevitable goal arrived after ten minutes’ play. Ronaldinho set off on what would be several counter-assaults during the evening with only Robinho in support but soon found three teammates had swelled the attack …


I-Gaming World Singapore Online Casino Summit to Hit Toronto




Gambling industry consultants and publishers, The River City Group is presenting the annual Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo, to be held at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel on June 5 to 7, 2001.


The summit is the world’s largest gathering of Internet gaming companies, software providers, and industry experts. It will feature informational seminars, as well as an exposition highlighting the latest offerings from more than 40 merchants and technology companies.


Seminars during the three-day conference will focus on a variety of topics, including the state of the online gaming industry, marketing issues, payment solutions, technical delivery solutions, legal concerns, and responsible gaming. International regulatory cooperation will be a central topic of discussion.


There will also be presentations about gaming issues in specific geographic regions, and a special pre-summit workshop for people interested in launching online gaming ventures.


The expo will showcase companies that develop gaming software, e-commerce providers, content services, gambling information web sites, ISPs, print publications, and international accounting firms.


Attendees have several networking opportunities over the course of the summit at scheduled refreshment breaks, as well as networking luncheons and receptions hosted by event sponsors Aqua Online, MicroGaming Systems, CryptoLogic, and IGlobal Media.


CyberCroupier Targets a Female Audience with Women’s Vegas

CyberCroupier Ltd. has just opened a new online casino that specifically targets female Singapore Online Casino online gamblers by offering them their own casino.


The new casino, Women’s Vegas, was created in the hope of capitalizing on the female segment of the gambling market, which makes up approximately half of the total Internet gambling population.


In addition to the usual selection of games, Women’s Vega offers targeted content, Heartbreaker slots, and a few visual touches – “right down to the color of the drapes in …



Ripple Inc., payment gateway for hundreds of assets and digital currencies has announced the closure of btc2ripple gateway for all US residents starting September 1, 2015.

Btc2ripple gateway is one of the hundreds of gateways on the Ripple Trade platform which is used to purchase or trade BTC to XRP (Ripple’s IOU). On September 1, Ripple will shut down the btc2ripple gateway for all U.S. residents, which will disallow any Americans from purchasing or depositing BTC using Ripple Trade accounts.

Btc2ripple is operated by a Lithuanian company UAB SKV3, located in Vilnius. The decision to shut down the BTC to XRP gateway was finalized by UAB SKV3, not Ripple Inc.

In a statement, the btc2ripple team announced, “We are discontinuing the btc2ripple service for U.S. residents. All non-U.S. customers will have full access to our service as usual. Starting Sept 1, 2015, you will not be able to make BTC deposits to your Ripple Trade account or make BTC withdrawals from your Ripple Trade account.”

If any U.S.-based accounts hold BTC on or after September 1, all bitcoin will be forfeited.

The majority of Ripple Trade users are based in the United States, and so the closure of btc2ripple may lead to a large decline in bitcoin/xrp trading volume on its platform.


Hong Kong-based startup Bitspark has been one of the seven startups to join Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific 2015, a “collaboration between a number of the world’s leading banks, such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, China Citic Bank International, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and J.P. Morgan.”

This year, Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab has been heavily focusing on giving opportunities to startups to work with global banks and financial establishments, and enable the startups to implement …


London Clubs Deals Its Way Out of Aladdin Obligation to Sg Online Casino

London Clubs International announced Friday it has finally reached a deal extricating it from its financial obligations to the bankrupt Aladdin hotel-casino on the Strip.

The Aladdin’s Sept. 28 bankruptcy filing triggered an immediate “keep-well” payment of $150 million, due from LCI and the Sommer Trust — the Aladdin’s equity owners. LCI, pushed to the financial brink by losses from the Aladdin, had been unable to make the payment, and immediately began negotiations with its bankers to be released from the payment.


LCI had estimated its share of the payment was $37.5 million.


On Friday LCI announced it had reached a deal. In exchange for the release, LCI agreed to issue warrants to the banks giving them the right to acquire a 5 percent stake in LCI, the Times of London reported. The warrants only become effective if LCI moves above 50 pence per share.


LCI must also make a payment of 10.5 million pounds ($15 million) to the banks in seven years, the Times said.


LCI shares shot up nearly 60 percent Friday on the news, closing at 28.25 pence. They rose another 7 percent today to 30.25 pence.


Bill Timmins, the Aladdin’s chief operating officer, said Friday’s deal between LCI and the banks will not change LCI’s 40 percent equity position in the Aladdin or its management structure.


“Nothing changes. The composition of the board does not change,” said Timmins, who is also a top executive with LCI. “I will stay here and see this through this (bankruptcy) process.”


Michael Solow, an attorney for the bank group, said Friday that LCI’s deal with the banks does not get the Sommer Trust off the hook for its obligations under the keep-well agreement.


“We’re in discussions with them (the Sommer Trust),” Solow …

judi online 24 jam



Mesin slot online atau mesin slot fisik?

Semakin banyak pemain yang berlangganan permainan casino, baik online atau di rumah judi casino nyata. Yang paling banyak dimainkan dan diminati tidak diragukan lagi adalah permainan judi mesin slot. Dalam kedua sistem tersebut yaitu mesin slot online dan mesin slot fisik, sistem dan tata cara permainannya dapat dikatakan benar – benar berbeda tetapi aturannya tetap sama. Banyak orang bertanya – tanya tentang apa saja keuntungan bermain secara virtual atau di kasino darat. Untuk membantu Anda agar bisa melihat perbedaannya, artikel di bawah ini akan membantu anda untuk menjelaskan perbedaan di antara kedua opsi tersebut, yaitu mesin slot virtual / online dengan mesin slot fisik / konvensional.

Permainan mesin slot

Sejak penciptaan mesin slot, gim ini terus berevolusi. Inilah mengapa ia mampu menarik lebih banyak pemain belakangan ini. Sebelum memahami ciri – ciri perjudian fisik dan online, penting untuk anda agar terlebih dulu memahami prinsipnya. Versi klasik disebut “reel”, tetapi sejak penggunaan komputer dan smartphone, mekanisme ini telah menghilang dari nernagai tempat perjudian. Prinsipnya adalah memungkinkan pemain menarik tuas atau menekan tombol yang telah disediakan untuk memutar gulungan. Bergantung pada mesinnya, Anda dapat memiliki 3 atau 5 gulungan dengan symbol yang berbeda. Berkat inilah para pemain memenangkan hadiah, jika berhasil menghasilkan kombinasinya sempurna. Dan situs judi online 24 jam terbaik seperti palace303 akan selalu menemani anda bermain mesin slot online ini.

Mesin slot fisik

Sementara mesin slot virtual berusaha memberi Anda pengalaman bermain yang mirip dengan ruang permainan nyata, beberapa casino online lebih memilih hiburan karena dapat menyentuh tuas dan melihat gulungan bergerak secara real time. Keseruannya tidak ada bandingannya dan aliran adrenalinnya lebih intens. Juga, sebagian besar casino online seperti nyata dimana memungkinkan Anda memenangkan jackpot, dan ini dengan jumlah 5 digit.

Caranya adalah dengan anda duduk di depan mesin slot yang …


Casino Fortune player hits back-to-back Treasure Nile Ligaz888 Jackpot

Christine B, an Insurance Manager, hit the Treasure Nile jackpot twice in three days while playing at Casino Fortune. Christine won $40,098.08 on October 15th and $42,346.59 on October 18th bringing her winnings to a grand total of $82,434.67.


Casino Fortune player hits back-to-back Treasure Nile Jackpot


Christine B, an Insurance Manager, hit the Treasure Nile jackpot twice in three days while playing at Casino Fortune. Christine won $40,098.08 on October 15th and $42,346.59 on October 18th bringing her winnings to a grand total of $82,434.67.


“I am extremely happy, astonished and grateful” said Christine “ I am still coming to terms with my fortune, of winning back-to-back jackpots.” Christine also stated that her two sons would be the main beneficiaries. Part of her winnings will pay for her elder son’s college education and some will be used to set up a college fund for her younger son.


We asked Christine, “What are the chances of winning a jackpot?” Although, Christine did not have the answer, she said, “It is every gambler’s dream and I am happy that my dream has come through.”


Treasure Nile is the world’s first 9-line progressive jackpot slots developed by Microgaming, the leader in online casino systems.



Sunny Casinos announced today it’s restructuring of the International Blackjack Tournament.


Promotions manager, Anand said that several members have indicated concern of flying to Trinidad for the finals. “Although the thought of coming to a beautiful Caribbean destination is tempting. The fear of flying is overwhelming,” stated some of the Ligaz888 players.


Sunny Casinos’ International Blackjack Tournament finals will now be played online. All ten finalists will now receive $500.00 each. The grand prize has increased from $21,000 to $25,000.


“Customer service is …