Drinking and Link Alternatif Sbobet gambling don’t mix, but, since you asked…

What is the best game to play when your main goal is to get free drinks from the casino over an extended period? Is the location of where you play relative to the number of drinks you can get? Alex W.
I want to preface my response by first making this extremely important point. Free drinks (chip remover), which have always been part of the casino ambience, speeds up the process of losing. All bets are off on the quality of your play when influenced by a sundry of alcoholic beverages.

Now to your libation question. Getting a free drink in any casino is simple. As long as you’re gambling, drinks are complimentary. But, setting up camp in the keno lounge yelling COCKTAILS and stiffing the cocktail waitress won’t work. To insure prompt, continuous service, tipping the waitress will go a long, long way.

So, why is tipping and drink delivery related? In order to be compliant with IRS tax regulations, cocktail waitresses have to pay taxes on every drink they serve, whether you decide to be generous or not. This tax can be as high as 30% on the retail cost of your beverage. If you order a strawberry margarita costing $2.50 retail, she might have to pay as much as 75˘ in taxes on your free drink. As the saying goes, “The drinks are free but the service isn’t” is appropriate as you’re costing her both time and money.

Continually stiff her, Alex, and she’ll be listed as MIA. You’ll have to wait for the next cocktail waitress to come on shift.

As for location, every cocktail waitress loves to work the table games versus slots, especially Nickel Hell, since the pit area warrants higher play and sizably more in player gratuities. It is here where the delivery …