In the British, Wells, Somerset a celebrity has appeared: a cat named Louis, who lives in the local cathedral. Parishioners love elderly ginger cat, who usually sleeps in his crate or rolled into a ball near the battery. However, the animal was recently caught in a series of attacks on dogs. Are you looking for business translation services? Contact Translation Services UK

The owner of one of the affected dogs is confident that “semi-wild cat is a real threat.” According to her, Louis attacked her spaniel dog and injured his head. The mistress also earned a few scratches.

According to Guardian, Louis lives at the church of the XII century for ten years. Cat became a local star, served as the prototype of the hero of children’s book “The church cat, Louis.” Soon his image appeared on the trinkets that are sold in the local souvenir shop. However, recently the cat’s reputation suffers: the locals caught him in two attacks on domestic dogs.

In the local church, however, argue that Louis is not aggressive and not dangerous, but a lot of red cats are wandering around the neighborhood. It is possible that dogs were attacked by any of them.

Meanwhile, cat’s photos with the comment appeared in the “Twitter” account of the local edition Wells Journal : “The church cat Louis followed the footsteps of Jeremy Clarkson?” Journalists mean the TV presenter of the popular program Top Gear, which was suspended from work by BBC management for a clash with the associate producer.The story of the British Clarkson did not leave many people indifferent: nearly a million people have signed a petition demanding the return the presenter in the air.

Prince Harry retired from the army and is engaged in charity

In June, after nearly ten years of service, Prince Harry is going to leave the British army. This is stated in the report released in Kensington Palace where the grandson of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II lives.

According to the statement, the prince, who served as a captain, will be dismissed from the armed forces after a trip to Australia. “He will spend four weeks and serve in the local armed forces”, reports Tass.

Harry, who turned 30 years old, intends to further dedicate himself to charitable organizations involved in support of military veterans, protection of wildlife and the development of Africa.

However, as previously the Prince reported, he is “not fully defined” with the choice of profession, and is considering variants for the future. The decision to leave the army, as Harry noted, “was taken in a very hard time, but he was glad with the possibility of a new chapter in his life.”

Prince Harry began serving in the British armed forces in 2005 – after graduating from the prestigious Military Academy at Sandhurst. Early in his career, he asked to be sent to serve in Iraq, where British troops clashed with insurgents.

In 2007 he was sent to Afghanistan, where he served for 2.5 months as a helicopter dispatcher and took part in the battles with the Taliban. Prince’s trip was kept secret, and he was evacuated from Afghanistan when the foreign press reported about his presence there.

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