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Online Casino Singapore Gamblers Guide – Best Internet Casinos

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Each month we pick our top rated casino of the month, based on various factors:

Software quality, promotions, pay-out odds, support tests, and features.

Only well established casinos are tested – the casinos must have been operational for a minimum of 2 years.


Casino of the month – January, 2004

Riverbelle Casino


This fully licensed casino features some great new progressive slots, which we really enjoyed playing.

Jackpots can rise to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There is a good current bonus offer for new players only.

$100 of free chips are added to your account with your first $100 deposit.Again this is for NEW PLAYERS ONLY

High Security.

High security is always a concern online, especially for casino sites.

Riverbelle Casino has been operation for over 6 years and was one of the very first major online casinos. it has built up a solid reputatation for being and honest and well run establishment with high ‘vegas standad’ payout rates.


This means the payouts equal or better those found in a ‘real’ casino


The software used is from MicroGaming which is one of the biggest third party suppliers of gaming software. The gaming results are determined using third party indepenent servers, which operate a random number generator, controlling the payout percentages.


MicroGaming Partners must meet very high standards, and the payouts are reviewed and verified each month by one of the worlds largest accounting firms.


Everything is very open and transparent in Online Casino Singapore.


Also, a complete audit trail is logged for each individual transaction for any game that you play.

The last 15 gaming results are available online for players to check.


Extremely High Payout rates.


It is the casino’s policy to retain regular customers by offering some of the highest percentage payout rates, on the internet.

Casino Journal reports indeed show that RiverBelle casino consistently delivered one of the highest payouts online last year:

2002 payouts for Grand Banks Casino averaged at 97%


(some games have slightly higher odds than others, with blackjack being the top payout performer)




In comparison 13 US States have casino establishments with the following payout rates.


Land Casino – Average table & Slots payout rates:


Nevada 90.71%

Colorado 88.96%

Illinois 89.52%

Iowa 87.25%

Indiana 88.09%

Connecticut 91.91% (Slots Only)

New Jersey 88.36%


Average 88.82%



Range of Games available

Table Games Blackjack, Caribbean Poker, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Casino War, Red Dog, Pai Gow Poker, Golden Keno, Sic Bio.

Plus many more casino favorites.


Slots Over 50 house slots and 11 progressive jackpot machines





RiverBelle casino and its partners now have a huge number of regular online players, and as a result the progressive jackpots are among the highest online.

Graphics and sound are very good, and there is a great ‘old-time’ casino atmosphere.

The software feels very ‘solid’ and the casino makes a point of advertising how secure and trustworthy their games. They are accredited by the MicroGaming group, which is always a very good sign for customers.




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