I’m a mom and a professional slot online player.

Never in a million years would I have believed that my most fun pursuit would end up as my job. Wow!

For several years now, my husband and I have been enjoying ourselves at various local casinos with the odd trip to Las Vegas – and doing it with unique casino money usually – but it’s very interesting how much more committed to your mission you get when it’s your living.

Blackjack is one of few games in which the player is actively involved in determining his own prosperity rather than merely betting on the outcome of an event over which he has little, if any, control. This is one of the things that makes blackjack a winnable game … For the player who knows how to win.

Winning blackjack players know how to play the game. This means having a complete know-how of how to play blackjack, not just a basic understanding of the game play and how to place bets. To win at blackjack, you start with the fundamentals of basic strategy – how to play hard hands and how to play soft hands.

You also learn when to split pairs and when to double down against the dealer. Then once you’ve mastered that, you start learning more sophisticated strategies, like simple card counts and betting strategies. It’s important to note that the advanced strategy stuff, the stuff that gives you the edge, comes AFTER you’ve learned the fundamental stuff like basic strategy.

Learning to play blackjack as an expert is difficult. Not only do you have to memorize all the correct strategic moves, you also have to consistently make the correct plays. Otherwise you’re just going to lose. The house edge will increase with every mistake you commit, and your bankroll will dwindle to nothing.

You have to be committed enough to LEARN to play correctly, then disciplined enough to actually play correctly, and then obsessed enough to keep good records of your results.

And then practice, practice, practice Togel Singapore. And in blackjack, that means you have to play. The more you play, the more experience you get. And the more experience you have as a blackjack player, the better your chances of beating the game become. Skilled players make fewer mistakes, they’re able to concentrate for longer periods of time, and they’re able to dissect new situations and strategies quickly to determine their advantages.

It’s a great lifestyle and a great living, but you have to be committed , disciplined and sometime just plain BRAVE. It’s not for the faint-hearted or the fool-hardy, but it CAN be done.

Once you’re ready to tackle it, you might want to add a new proven betting tool to your strategic arsenal – it’s called “Riding The Wave” Blackjack Betting System. It adds a whole new dimension to your game

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