Removal of the insects and arthropods that disturbs people’s daily lives is simply called the process of pest control. This ants pest control process is of 4 types: chemical PC (pest control), electrical PC, biological PC, and physical PC. These all methods can kill and restrict pests’ growth in the house and offer a person a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. All the types are fantastically chatted in the section coming-up.


Categories of pest control


Mainly four types of PC are superbly discussed in the following section-


Chemical pest control


The chemical method includes several chemical compounds that are abamectin, cyfluthrin, fipronil, permethrin, boric acid, and many more. Generally, the composition or combination of such chemicals is used in the form of a spray, paste, or gel sprayed over the pest area. This process is usually done with the help of specific equipment, and many-body protectors are used.


This process is done for the treatment prospective in the garden, bathroom, and kitchen, and bedroom most of the time are avoided because of chemical toxicity.


Biological pest control


The biological pest control process involves the involvement of biological organisms such as parasites, pathogens, and predators used in the process of PC. Such predators are used to eating the pest as their food and clear the area very magnificently. The excellent benefit of using a biological controller is that it would not offer the client adverse effects, such as foul odor or anything else. For example, chalcid wasps are parasites for the whiteflies and will eat those flies as their food.


Electronic pest control


Electrical PC is the modified and latest way of the pest controlling program. It involves many electrical gadgets that offer some electro radiation that the microorganisms, insects, and flies keep away. It is usually used to keep out the pest like mice, rodents, insects, reptiles that invade the house via various ways. In this way, pests do not get any physical harm and keep away from the user’s property.


Physical pest control


Physical PC is the most reliable and easy way of pest control, and a person can use this way by themselves at their home. It includes equipment like nets, plastic sheets, protection crops, etc. this method may extract a lot of time but easy and beneficial.



In the above section, four main categories of ants pest control are superbly talked about, and a person can use one of the upper types to get rid of pests.


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