Live bingo in a bingo hall is a wonderful game. However, internet bingo also has some distinct advantages. Firstly, it’s one of the most relaxing casino games out there- leave the high stakes poker to the thrill seekers, and turn to a game that lets you have a more peaceful sort of excitement! Online bingo, of course, can be played from the comfort of your own home or office, or even from a public computer.


Furthermore, if you believe that online bingo is any less social than land- based bingo, you are misinformed! Online bingo rooms allow players to chat with other players during games. Since players are all over the world, bingo players often find themselves with a new group of international friends! Many online bingo sites allow players to put up pictures and profiles, so you can even see the people you are playing with.


Online bingo can also be more lucrative than land- based bingo. Since websites naturally have less overhead than land sites, they can pass off more of their revenue to players. Most online bingo halls offer free downloads, plus all sorts of bonuses and prizes. There is also a great deal of range in online bingo halls, so you can choose to play with cards worth only a few cents, or with cards worth upwards of $50.


What is Speed Bingo?


Speed bingo is a type of bingo that moves much, much faster than the traditional bingo game. Numbers are called very quickly, and players can bingo after as few as three numbers. Playing speed bingo increases chances of a win, since players can go through many games in a relatively short time.


Speed bingo is often played before or after a game of traditional bingo. However, speed bingo can also be a main course for those who love bingo but seek a game that runs at a faster clip.


Speed bingo games offer the same features as regular bingo games- so you can play super- fast and still enjoy a friendly chat with fellow players, as well as earn VIP and Comp points, where available. Speed bingo tournaments are available at the finest online bingo halls.


Speed bingo, for easy-to-understand reasons, is one of the world’s most popular bingo varieties, and can usually be played anywhere bingo is offered.


From “Dirty Gertie” to “Droopy Drawers:” Bingo Hall Slang


Like any great Togel Hari Ini game, bingo has its own slang. These are the phrases traditionally associated with each number called, although professional bingo callers do not usually use them in a game. Some of them are quite funny!


1 Kelly’s Eye / On it’s Own

5 Man Alive

7 Lucky for Some

8 One Fat Lady / The Garden Gate

9 Doctor’s Orders

10 PM’s Den

11 (Chicken) Legs OR Legs Eleven

13 Unlucky for Some OR Lucky for Some

16 Sweet Sixteen

21 Key of the Door

22 Two Little Ducks

23 Thee and Me

24 Two Dozen

30 Dirty Gertie

37 More Than Eleven

44 Droopy Drawers / All the fours

45 Halfway There

50 Bulls eye / Blind 50

51 Tweak of the Thumb

55 Snakes Alive / All the Fives

57 Heinz Varieties

59 Brighton Line

64 Red Raw

66 Clickety-Click

71 Bang on the Drum

76 7 and 6 – Was she worth it? OR Trombones

79 One More Time

81 Stop and Run

86 Between the Sticks

88 Two Fat Ladies

90 Top of the Shop






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